Stun is my heart

Asking to my self I just can question

Do I really have a heart?

Could it be possible to someone to love me without judging me?

Yes, I know am nothing close to perfect just what I had become

Shame I am for not being able to retain my first love

Nobody knows what they got until it’s lost.

Stun is my heart

Dead but still alive

Far from my Maker

Can’t seem to get back to him

Longing for some love

Young love that can’t get to me!

How stupid I had become thinking this will work

Oh baby! You know and I know my heart still miss him

You don’t want to believe so, you prefer to ignore so

How long will it be until I can wake from this nightmare?

The only one that can Safe me is God

Please I pray to you help me get out of this

I just wanted to die, but worse awaits

Enlight me so I can keep on with you please forgive me coz I can’t sleep

No more I wonder about what is going on

Everybody run away grab a side and let me alone

Alone is how I wanted to be until now.

Stun my heart take me away before please forgive me and have mercy of my soul…



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