Still alive…











How to know I’m alive if I don’t cry

If I can’t feel any pain at all

It means I’m not human there is no soul

How to know if I’m real

If I being hit by a wave that drags me into the deep sea

Unconscious unable to breath

Life is fainting to dead while I get suffocated

I know there still hope since I fight to respire again

To feel the rain running through my skin and hair

To think and judge the things I can change

Sorrow will become to an end

Darkness will not surround me forever

I can fall and stay in the floor

Or I can change the way I see things

In my hurt I can become strong and get up

I do had make lots of mistakes

Is not wise to cover the truth

Since if I get it wrong I will know I’m still alive

To get to burn in lies and disgrace

Or to get alive and face dead

Conquering all my fears



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