Dare to LOOK! \(@_@)/

Hey Alegnos! This is a new spot where I had decided to post some pictures my  friends had gave me, I own, or like each of one of them has a story. Enjoy them! Don’t forget to read something too I love u all guys take care!

Hola Alegnos espero les guste esta sección tanto como a mi, en la misma estare posteando imagenes que me perteneces o que mis amigos me ha regalado, y que me gustan. Espero que las disfruten. Gracias a todos por su aportación!

<<——— I am not a huge fan of Barbie, but you got to admit that this model is quite cute. I bought it because this model of Barbie is kind of hot and have her full body jointed so she can do a lot of posing.









<<—— In this Picture from left to right, baby Sassy, Bolita (may she rest in peace) and   Sonic.






<–This is my Sassy girl. She is so lovely beautiful she is a model ans she likes Sprite! XD







<<<————— This is a picture of a gummy bear a co-worker gave us. Is a gummy bear warp individually, I took a picture of it because it was so cute I couldn’t eat it as a matter of fact am thinking of collecting it to display him in my desk. XD







This is my tiny little pullip Dal doll. Lovely match the companies colors so she is ATM in my desk. ^^

This one is a flowerpot I had made from a Snapple Crystal bottle and some magazine paper. Recycling is the new trend! Got to love it! There is another pictures in here where u can see it with Flowers it looks lovely. ^}

——–>>> This is a picture I took with my cellphone I was a little bored @work (^_^)/

This particular drawing was made by one of my co-worker; he knew I love Final Fantasy! This is Spehiroth from the Final Fantasy series games.  Isn’t he cute (^_^)

This is my only Pullip doll at the “momento”. She used to pose on my desk she is so lovely! I will get her some company soon Rayne will be with her holding her tight (^_’)  I did not knew about this dolls until one day I was browsing the net, she came all away from Singapore to Puerto Rico WOW that was a long trip! Well she is very fragile but lovely, her eyes can move from side to side and open and close. Her body is jointed so she can do a lot of posing; it is fun to take pictures of her. You will see some other pictures of her here.

In this picture we have mom’s little girl, Sassy Nena. She looks so sweet and calm when she sleeps. She loves to be by my side when I’m playing FFXI, but the funniest thing about this picture is the tiny little note that is stick on the FFXI Official Strategy Guide. If you take a closer look to it you will see that the notes said “cheater”, aja! This was one tough discussion I had with other of my co-workers he was saying I am cheating by reading the guide, come on! I’m just instructing myself in here ROFL!

I know what u think, what the heck! Avatar in orange (x_X) this was made from another of my co-workers and yes, this was in the office entrance door. It was made for some corporate “party”, more like a brain wash LOL. Overall it is fun when those meetings happened… you get pay for doing nothing.  I can’t complain about my job in a way is also Fun.

Hey, hello there ppl this is Angie in the office she make my day more fun @ work! 😛 And what you see behind her is a flowerpot I made from recycle magazines and  a Snapple juice bottle of crystal.

Hey this is a drawing of another of my co-workers friends; he said I was his inspiration, even though I’m prettier in person. 😛

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