The Confuse Lady

This was it, he got into me badly. I loved him, desire him, I dreamed about him all night long. Time has pass by now I can’t control him, he controls myself I give myself to him now I’m trapped in his arms. I know he wants me and I do really want him too. Sometimes he scares me I wonder if he is for real who he claims to be, since I’m not who he thinks I am. My life is a mess with all my disgrace capture in a cage like a bird unable to fly.  All our friends look at us like we were in love. I feel like I own him a lot, don’t get me wrong I do love him, but he has changed he got more powerful than me, I thought I was in control, how wrong I was. Can I still turn time back? This is a dream, not any kind of dream; it is lovely my heart pounds at him every time I meet him, but I still ask myself: Am I on the right track? What about my master? What about the cage? What about my wings? Will I be able to fly again? My soul is getting deeper into the darkness my eyes are blind and I know I don’t want to see the light. There is a voice calling me, claiming myself back to His ways to his shelter, but I’m ashamed of what I’m doing, still is too good to turn back so easily. Where is master to help me? Until the light comes back I will let myself into the lust I got for him.

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The Confuse Lady by Alegnat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


3 Respuestas a “The Confuse Lady

  1. I know you will be happy no matter what smile chin up i’ll always be here for you i’ll never go away you may go but i will stay and await you’re return i love you T

  2. Lol man if I’d have that kind of control to any woman I’d love, woooooooo man I’ll feel anointed. 😀

  3. OMG!!! It is SOOO good. and wow.. its spellbinding. Wow, i love love love the last part. The master, just a peasant.. the cage, an egg meant to be broken, the wings, meant to flutter about in full mesmerizing poise, and take on new flight. Sometimes a spark in darkness is the beggining of a full new flame that breathens life and warmth into the human heart, into the human soul. 😉 Remember that.


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