Solitude Seeks Revenge

There was nobody in town, it was passing midnight. The gloom of the night was surrounding by hush. In the distance steps of a boy were heard. Walking in the middle of the street there was a boy with a long gray cape, his steps were slow he was fainting. The boy was heading south to the nearest train rail. Beside the trail rail at a distance of about twenty feet it was a small green bus with the lights on cover with bushes. The boy was very tired, in his face a scar of three inches was bleeding near his cheekbone. He was sweating his legs were fighting to hold him up; while he walks in direction of the green bus he said to himself “I can…make…it. I…” and suddenly he collapse   to the ground with his face in the train rail. No movement, not a reaction neither a good Samaritan were nearby to help him. Unconscious in the ground murkiness cover the boy, it seems like he was dead. Coming from the distance the sound of the wheels of a train was a heading toward the boy; he awakes. The boy tried to move away from the rail distressed he was unable to move because of his weakness. He was so anxious and began to sweat blood. The driver of the train notices him at the distance and honk to him warning him to move. It was impossible for the driver to stop due to his velocity. The boy knew he was going to die, so he turn his face to the lights of the train and to himself he whisper “I…will… be..back..for… revenge” and the train smash his head into the rail. Bloodshed into to the ground and his body were wrecked in pieces the lights of the green card went off and his gray cape flew west cover with blood.

Creative Commons License
Solitude Seeks Revenge by Tangela Fontanez is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

3 Respuestas a “Solitude Seeks Revenge

  1. Sounds cool!! A little bloody for my taste but sounds great!! You could disguise a little bit more the part where he is blown to pieces with the train. Other than that, great! Please write MOREEE!!! 😉


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