What to do?

What to do?

What are we gone do?

What are we gone do?

I really don’t know but I can assure you is gone be good.

You and me forever dancing all over the place

Fire of love will burn on us

You are my desire

The blood that runs in my veins

I don’t know if I could leave you someday

What are we gone do?

What are you gone do? Can you tell me what?

Because the pain in my chest has blow up

My heart is dying because of your love has gone

Don’t ever ask me again to leave you

I can tell that deep in your soul the ashes of our love still blaze

How could you deny what it was written in the hand of the goddess?

Our souls were made for each other

Don’t dare to blame myself of your disgrace.

Faithfulness was swear the day of our engage

The ache causes for your mistakes

Haven’t blow the love that my whole embrace for yourself

But the shame and the blame your actions had taken you

Will divide us forever in flesh however our bond will last

Neither you nor I will live forever apart

The wind will gather us together again

And the past will become the present

Until that day my lover my friend

Tell me if you know the answer of my question

What are we gone do?


Una respuesta a “What to do?

  1. impresionante. Me encanta la pregunta! No se si fue intencional pero la palabra “gone” en el contexto de la pregunta esta mal escrita. Se escribe “going to” y de forma slang es gonna. Sin embargo no es una correccion mi intencion. Cuando dices gone me da la impresion de que quieres volver al pasado ya que gone significa realmente, “lo que se fue”. Es como si te preguntaras a la vez, ¿Qué vamos hacer? ¿Volverémos al pasado? Y despues lo que me confirma esta asuncion es el hecho de que al final presentas la esperanza de transformar el pasado como presente. Realmente te felicito, tienes talento de poeta. 😉


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