The Love Relationship Evolution

– Jaime, have you ever heard about the roles in a relationship?

– Well maybe this article could help you.

Through the years love relationships between women and men have been necessary for the surviving of human species. In different centuries the meaning of love in a relationship was synonymous of sex or either money (see titanic the movie). When someone asks anybody how a relationship should works, we receive different opinions and points of view that can include: color, religion, gender, age, social status etc. However we are living in a totally different era than 60 years ago, therefore there has been some kind of evolution in love relationship throughout this time.

There was a time when love in a relationship was all about gender, men were the ruler of the women. But things change, in the past years women didn’t work nor had education like men used to. In the past most women literally depend of men to survival and success. Because of the classification of women, her inability to gain money working and depending by themselves a relationship with men was tight and harder to break. That’s why women always expect from men to guide them and leadership the love relation.

However not everything has change visualizing the role that men used to play in a relationship. But certainly there has been an evolution in the minds and behavior of both roles in the twenty fist century love relationship. We know that some women like and expect men to be the leader of the relationship paying everything when they get together, sustain them with money, support and credit cards to spend in the mall. To whom we can ascribe the evolution in love relationship? Most people think that the time has been the witness of changes in both roles in a relationship.

Because of the different culture, era and also religion some people just have there own point of seeing thinks.

When you are in a relationship the first and big step to take is trust. We can see the evolution of a love relationship in our generation the way we see things that is all about equality and trust, not everybody in this era see relationship the way I do, but certainly alike. I am different than girls in the pass generation. Why should I wait for a guy to ask me out? Why should he always pay the bill? Why can I be in charge of a date? All this questions some girls ask, I already answer them. I realize if you want to, just do it. If you like a guy and he didn’t call you then call him, invite him out get to know him, who knows maybe he will like you. But most women think about themselves as they deserve everything, but don’t get me wrong we are the strong sex. Therefore we must act like it not only when we are in a relationship, but still when we date someone. Flirting a little bit won’t only attract a man, but if you also call him, invite him out, maybe he will be attracted to you because you’re different, spontaneous and not afraid of starting a relationship. However not all man will like a woman to be ahead him, but by the time if he really likes you he’ll tell you and it’ll surprise you forever.

– This mean that I will call Steve to invite him to a movie.

– That’s what I thought you will gone said. Well good luck and have fun.

– Thanks it really encourages me to be myself, what is the worse think that could happen? A no? But he is not the only guy in the planet. jajaja!

– You said it!



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